6 Accessories You Need for Your Wedding

6 Accessories You Need for Your Wedding

As a bride, the wedding guests will expect you to be the most beautiful person at the wedding. Thankfully, with gorgeous dresses and beautiful accessories, it’s not difficult to pull off a classy and stylish look and make everybody wish they were in your shoes (maybe literally!). While you might be concentrating on finding the perfect dress and the ideal venue, you shouldn’t forget about all the little accessories that will help you to look effortlessly stunning on your big day.

  • Flowers

It wouldn’t be a wedding without some flowers, but you can decide exactly how many you want to have for your big day. You can have a flower girl or give your bridesmaids small bouquets to hold, even if you don’t particularly like the idea of holding a bouquet yourself. Some people find it irritating to have to hold flowers for the duration of the ceremony, so if you want to concentrate on decorating the hall with them instead, that’s up to you.

  • Clutch bag

If you decide to opt out of holding flowers, it’s a great idea to have a small clutch bag instead. This could be white or ivory to match your dress and the rest of your outfit, or you can get beautiful accessories that are decorated with some ornamental flowers or butterflies. It’s easy to theme it to your wedding, either with colours or other accessories that you’re having. Wedding clutch bags are very popular, and are useful too since you can put your lipstick and other bits and pieces inside it

  • Bracelets and jewellery

You’re going to be getting another piece of jewellery at the ceremony in the form of a wedding ring, but this doesn’t mean you have to forget all about jewellery until this moment. In fact, wearing jewellery for your wedding day can add a whole new level of class and sophistication to your outfit Diamonds and anything sparkly will always go well with your wedding dress, or you could choose something slightly more subtle such as a pearl necklace and bracelet.

  • Veil or headpiece

Although a veil is a traditional part of a bride’s outfit, there are several things that you can swap this to if you’re not keen on the idea of having something covering your face for half the day. You can wear a fascinator or small tiara or other headpiece if you would rather not wear a veil.

  • Jackets or shrugs

This will depend on the time of year that you’re getting married, but if it’s slightly chillier and your dress doesn’t cover all of your arms, you might want to invest in a small jacket or shrug so that you don’t have to worry about any draughts or breezes giving you a chill.

  • Lingerie

Nobody else is going to see this except for you and your partner on the wedding night, but in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the ceremony and reception, don’t forget about buying some beautiful lingerie to finish off the big day

Written by Tarence Fedrik