When You Teach a Boy or Girl to Fish

When You Teach a Boy or Girl to Fish

If your Father’s Day plans include outdoor activities like hunting, fishing or camping out in nature, finding a gift that suits those activities can be mind boggling.  Groupon can make the search easier and save you money in the process.  If your dad has years of experience going back to fishing trips with his grandfather, he might already have the gear he needs to have an enjoyable trip.  But there is one thing he might enjoy, and that’ the companionship of a young boy or girl who would love to learn a thing or two about the outdoors.  We sometimes assume that all kids want today is the latest edition of some zombie apocalypse themed video game.   Sometimes what they really want is to bond with an adult who sees their potential.

A local councilmember organized a fishing trip for foster children in his district and it has grown every year, with more children and adults coming together for a weekend of fishing, camping and friendship.  It teaches children about the environment, how to fish and develops a sense of ownership of the natural resources in the local lakes and fishing ponds the county manages.  His office is responsible for stocking the lake periodically, and soon after, an event is organized so the children and their chaperones enjoy some outdoor time together.  One young man became a life guard after learning more about the department of parks and recreation. It was something he always wanted to do, but didn’t know who to ask, others have taken trips with their parents, and love to identify the flora and fauna they learn about on the trails.  For many of the children, it is their first time on a fishing boat and they are thrilled to get the opportunity to go out to sea.

If you’re casting about for a great gift idea for the dads in your life, you might want to arrange a fishing and friendship weekend.  Call your local politician or county supervisor to see what programs exist.  But first check Dad’s gear – some of it may be so old it belongs in a museum.  Surprise him with a new gadget from L.L. Bean that he can proudly show off to the children.  You can use a Groupon to shop their site and save as much as 50% off your purchase.

Dad might not have you to tag along with him anymore, but just think of the new memories he’s making for the next generation.

Written by Tarence Fedrik