Why Buy Le Chameau Boots

Why Buy Le Chameau Boots

There are only a few people who understand that different terrains require different types of shoes. A great example is the fact that your regular shoes that work really well for the city life will fail you in the country side. The uneven and sometimes rough terrain of the country side requires shoes that can survive the brunt. This is how the story of Le Chameau begins.

Some customers of Monsieur Claude Chamot complained to him about how their boots were uncomfortable and not hard wearing. Therefore, Claude decided to produce boots that could survive the brunt of the country side. He started from creating prototypes from natural rubber which were tested by his customers and the reviews were positive. He then started making boots from vulcanised rubber to make them more durable. Soon his boots became quite popular and continue to be to this day.

Benefits of Buying Le Chameau Boots

The Le Chameau boots have been specifically designed to support people in their professions that require a lot of time outdoors like agriculture, gardening and fishing. Here are a few benefits which justify buying the Le Chameau Boots:

Professional and Quality Standards

The materials used in these boots make them more durable and the customers will never be disappointed with the quality. The leather, rubber, linings, soles and trims of all Le Chameau boots make them exceptional as compared to other brands.


Le Chameau boots are popular for their sleek curves and the brand offers individual calf sizes which ensure that each customer will enjoy a personalised fit.

Consistent Performance

Even after so many years, Le Chameau has maintained its standard of performance. One needs a nine month training to become a Le Chameau Master Bootmaker. This dedication to uphold the craft that has been transferred from generation to generation is what sets Le Chameau apart from their competitor brands.


Although the story is years old and the tradition has been passed on but Le Chameau still believes in innovation. Le Chameau was the first brand to offer a gusset, a zip and a leather lining in rubber boots. The brand keeps applying innovation to the design and technical advantages of the boots.

Maitre Bottier

Le Chameau is the only brand for rubber boots that use a Maitre Bottier or Master Bootmaker to assemble all the materials to make a single boot.

Le Chameau is one of those timeless and classic brands that have upheld the tradition of performance and customer satisfaction for years. The dedication from the brand to pay detailed attention into making of individual boots is what makes them so popular among the people. Le Chameau boots is the best choice for people with outdoor professions and those who spend a lot of time in the country side. The durability of the Le Chameau boots is the key factor for their success. Every Le Chameau pair of boots is designed to meet the comfort and the quality required by the customers.

Written by Tarence Fedrik